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Stages of Textured Popcorn Ceiling Smoothing

​Textured or Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Smoothing

When it comes to Textured ceiling removal , Popcorn texture ceiling removal , Texture ceiling smoothing and Popcorn Ceiling Smoothing. Gordon Drywall and Painting in Coquitlam, BC. is the place to call.

If you are looking to get rid of that dated textured ceiling in your home, tired of looking up at that old popcorn ceiling. Lets take care of that for you!

If your home was built in 1990 or earlier there is a good chance that the texture or popcorn has asbestos in it. If that is the case we wont even bother scraping it, for obvious reasons. We will prime it first to seal it in and the bury it completely with 3 coats of mud and sanding in between coats. When we are done you'll have nice flat smooth ceilings and will be the envy of your neighbours who still have those dated textured or popcorn ceilings.

Give us a call, we can come get you a quote!

Textured and popcorn Ceiling Removal services:

Textured Ceiling Removal

​- Texture Ceiling Removal

- Popcorn Ceiling Removal

- Textured Ceiling Repair

​- Popcorn Ceiling Repair

- Scraping of Textured or Popcorn Ceilings (only if no asbestos, has to be tested first)

- Textured Ceiling Smoothing

- Popcorn Ceiling Smoothing

- Any other Drywall, Taping, Finishing, Painting, or popcorn textured ceiling need you have.