Whe​n it comes to Taping and Finishing, Gordon Drywall and Painting is your best choice for Taping in Vancouver, BC and in the Lower Mainland.

Don't hesitate to contact us when you're looking for someone who can take care of that really high end Reno job in West Vancouver or even that new construction production job. No matter what the taping need, we can take care of that for you. We know that with taping and finishing you usually get what you pay for, that meaning if you get an amazing deal - there's most likely a reason for it. This is an area where going cheapest definitely doesn't mean best.

Have you boarded the basement in your house, but can't do the taping or finishing? Well not to worry this is very common and let us finish the job for you.

We have taped and finished many different types of projects over the years and there is nothing we can't fix.

Our Taping services are listed below, but not limited too;

Taping and Finishing Services:

- Drywall Patch Repair (make disappear)

- Prefill (Confill areas that are blown out or gaps to wide)

- Tape (Tape all seams and joints with joint compound)

- Bead (all exterior corners)

- Mudding (2-3 coats of finishing mud)

- Sanding in between coats

- Level 5 finish

- Skim Wall or ceiling (fix really damaged walls like new)

- Float Bad areas

- Popcorn or Textured ceiling removal (2-3 coats of finishing mud)

- Content Manipulation and Protection

- Masking, Containment, Floor protection etc.

- Vacuum up in all areas worked

- Insulation, Vapour Barrier, Drywall Installation, Drywall repairs, Taping, Mudding, Finishing, Painting and Texture or Popcorn ceiling removal

Taping and Finishing

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