When it comes to Painting, Gordon Drywall and Painting is your best choice for Painting in Vancouver, BC and in the Lower Mainland.

If you're looking for a top quality paint job then look no further, as we can meet all of your painting needs while providing unparalleled service.

Looking to freshen up your home or business with a new paint job or colour change? Need a company that has an extremely high attention to detail? Well you've come to the right place.

Our Painting services are listed below, but not limited too;

Painting Services:

- Interior Walls Painting and Interior Ceiling painting

- Popcorn Textured Ceiling painting

- New home or condo repaints or paint colour change

- Trim painting (baseboards, crown, door casings etc.)

- Exterior Painting

- Smoke Seal

- Stain Removal

- Content Manipulation and Protection

- Masking, Containment, Floor protection etc.

- Vacuum up in all areas worked

- Insulation, Vapour Barrier, Drywall installation, Drywall repairs, Taping, Finishing, Painting and Texture or Popcorn ceiling repair

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